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Stigma Hyvleri AB – Stigma of Sweden

We know wood! For us the feeling for wood is what's most important. We closely monitor each step of the refinement process. We build up all of our operations on experience and know-how -- but we think modern. We have the ability to adapt quickly to our customers' needs without sacrificing quality.

We control the entire chain of events from the forest to your home. We are part of the Profura AB group, which includes Balungstrand Sawmills in Dalarna among others. This provides us with a stable flow of High-quality forestry produce. A piece of timber which has taken more than a century to grow should be allowed time to season and dry before it is delivered to you the customer. A floor or indoor panel produced by us reflects shades and plays of colour that only nature could have created.

Among our specialties, we would especially wish to highlight our solid wood flooring in spruce and pine. Comfortable to walk on, easy to maintain; beautiful in the room and virtually indestructible.