Brushed surface
Brushed surface
Rounded profile, white brushed
Rounded profile, white brushed


With over 30 years experience in the structuring of floors and panels, we have the longest experience in the field. Brushing involves brushing away the soft part of the board made up of spring or summer wood, revealing the peaks of the winter growth. It is possible to structure most of the dimensions and profiles that we produce.

Brushed products have the following advantages:


  • The natural structure comes out on the board
  • Rustic feel
  • More durable surface
  • Beautiful finish


  • The natural structure comes out on the board
  • Rustic feel
  • Get up to 50% harder surface that the traditional pine and spruce flooring
  • Less sensitive to scrapes and blows
  • A nicer feeling under your feet


  • Over 30 years experience of finishings for indoor and outdoor panelling and floors.
  • For indoor products we use lacquer, oil or wax.
  • For outdoor products, we have different base coats and top coat colours too.
  • We also have the ability to run off different colours in RAL and NCS scales for instance.
  • We finish our products either on three sides or four.
  • The four sided treatment makes the sections more stable.
  • All our paints are water-based and formulated with the environment in mind.
  • We are unique given that we even sand inside the profile.
  • After the drying process, we have the possibility of polishing the products.

Below is an overview of the finishings:

Indoor finishing (Smooth planed or brushed)
• Natural lacquer
• White lacquer
• White wax
• White finishing coat, finely sawn

Floor finishings (Smooth planed or brushed)
• Natural lacquer/wax oil
• White lacquer/wax oil

Outdoor finishings
• Outdoor base coat, natural
• Outdoor base coat light grey
• Outdoor base preservative treatment + light grey base coat
• Certain standard base coat colours
• Base coat + top coat white
• Certain standard base and top coat colours


Our products are delivered in silvering, with labels conforming to customer requirements.